First on the market

Flow is a fully featured software to manage the content stored on your Network Attached Storage (NAS) device from QNAP


One complete Media Management app that operates directly on your NAS device. With the Flow software, there is no need for additional servers, cloud storage or other extra services.


The Flow software is a widely established Media Asset Management software used by producers, post producers, broadcasters, agencies, industry companies and institutions of varying size since 2005.


No cost for servers. No cost for cloud. No cost for separate online-services. Flow offers all features you need right on your NAS device. Start small and grow bigger as you need it.

Our customers

Key features

Flow Works is a fully featured Media Management System. It offers an amazing wealth of features and functions covering every part of the media lifecycle. It comes in a sleek interface that is easy to use and that automates most technical processes.

Upload / Ingest

Easily add material to the application. We support all file types and sizes.


Keep related materials together in Rooms that can be shared with others.


Store and archive your digital media assets efficiently by optimising storage space.


Publish & distribute your digital assets in any digital media channel.

Label / Metadata

Label your digital assets with advanced metadata to easily find, categorise or group them.


A joint workspace for the complete project team, whether internal or external.

Optimize your storage

Our GPU accelerated transcoder works automatically and blazingly fast, optimising file size and format.

Data privacy

Own your media storage instead of giving 3rd party services control of your material.

Create Workflows

Create advanced workflows for efficiency and automation.


Unlock the value of your media assets and generate income with our various monetization solutions.

Manage production

Professional end-to-end management of all production processes. Easy approval-process.

Access Control List

Limit visibility and availability for confidential material in the system by controlling access for user licences.

We have a solution for all customers

Whether you are new to this type of a service or in need of more advanced functions, we have the optimal solution for you.

What sets us apart

The Flow Works application for Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices from QNAP is a new type of software without equivalence on the market.

A complete solution

The Flow Works application gives you all the features you need to make the most of your NAS. No additional online services for sharing or transcoding are needed.

Industry-proven software

Originating from the Broadcast industry, the mature software of Flow Works has the capability to handle large high quality digital media in professional formats.

Automated transcoding

One of the key professional features is the built-in high-level transcoding that works fully automated, creating optimised file versions and previews.


All digital materials are shared in an optimised size, saving enormous transfer volumes, making sharing quicker and saving storage space.


The DNA of the Flow Works application for NAS devices has scalability built in it. The solution scales without limitations.

A Glocal solution

All your materials are globally accessible while locally present. This makes the system secure, cost-efficient, fast and sustainable. Cloud-extension possible.

How does it work?

The Flow App was specifically developed to be used directly on a QNAP NAS system. No additional servers or cloud storage is needed.

  • 1. Get a NAS device from QNAP

    See list of QNAP devices compatible with our software

  • 2. Get the Flow App

    See our monthly subscription packages and find the optimal size

  • 3. Install the Flow App on your QNAP

    See our video tutorial for the 5 steps to complete the process

  • 4. Go!

    Log in through a browser to our user interface and get started

  • 5. Upgrade your Flow subscription

    Easily upgrade your subscription as your MAM needs evolve

Start your free trial

Experience the power of our application first-hand through a free trial. You get access to the most essential features needed to get started. The free trial includes one user license, access to one Room and the upload of up to 500 files.

Monthly subscription plans

The Flow App offers industry-grade technology at minimal cost. The software is available as monthly subscription plans without any entry barriers. All packages include the same complete feature size. Find the optimal package size and grow (upgrade package size) as you go!

for Prosumers
The complete package for professionals
Ideal for creatives with a limited amount of multimedia
Key features included
User licences: 1 User
Room licences: 3 Rooms
File limits: 5 000 Files
Support & updates included
Not available for a one-time purchase
for Businesses
Increase efficiency and cooperate smoothly with others
Ideal for small businesses / teams
Advanced features included
User licences: 5 Users
Room licenses: 10 Rooms
File limits: 20 000 Files
Support & updates included
One-time purchase price 950 € + 143 € / year for support & updates -available in our Shop
for Enterprises
Increase productivity and monetize
Ideal for businesses operating a substantial amount of multimedia
All features included
User licences: 20 Users
Room licences: 50 Rooms
File limit: 100 000 Files
Support & updates included
One-time purchase price 3500 € + 525 € / year for support & updates -available in our Shop


Software plug-ins to broaden your Flow platform with for example external media editing & handling and distribution/sharing services.


Share your videos directly to YouTube via Flow


Share your videos directly to Vimeo via Flow

Video CDNs

Share your videos directly to any CDN via Flow

Want to go further?

Software plug-ins to enrichen your Flow platform with external workflow chains, 3rd party software integration and special-purpose modules.

Systems and platforms


Add fully-automated connectors with for example Edits, QC, existing Transcoders to your Flow system.

Specialized online-services


Manage file-exchange yourself (no cost) or get connectors to services like collaboration or CDNs.



You can change/upgrade your Flow monthly subscription plan anytime in our shop. The Flow App grows with you.

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