Flow is a fully featured MAM software to manage content directly on NAS devices from QNAP

Flow is a complete MAM software that operates directly on your NAS device from QNAP. It is easily accessible through a browser and has an intuitive user interface. Flow is a widely established MAM software used by producers, post producers, broadcasters, agencies, industry companies and institutions of varying size since 2005. No cost for servers. No cost for cloud. No cost for separate online-services. Flow offers all features you need directly on your NAS device – no additional services required.

Share photos and videos with customers

Share with customers

With Flow Rooms you can share a selection of materials with customers or other external partners. Rooms offer a broad selection of features: screening & approval by tick-in-the-box functionality, external download or upload of materials. Each Flow Rooms is easily accessible through a unique URL generated by the system.

Ingest any media file formats (incl. RAW) directly from the camera

Professional file formats

Flow reads all media file formats, incl. RAW formats, that can be ingested directly from the camera to the Flow system. Professional photo and RAW photo formats contain a variety of EXIF and IPTC metadata. Flow transcodes RAW photo formats into jpegs that are suitable for smooth distribution and viewing.

Preview content visually in the Flow library

Visual preview of content

Flow generates thumbnails (in jpeg) or video previews from any file format. All your content automatically appears as visual previews in the gallery view, making it quick and easy to browse through content and for example drag-and-drop selected content to Flow Projects or Flow Rooms for sharing with others internally or externally.

Keep your content organized and easy to find

Organization & search

With Flow, you never have to spend excessive time searching for photos and videos. With the help of metadata, you can search materials based on any type of input that you have tagged it with. You can also bundle related content together and easily find them in the Media Container for the file in question.

Automated file format and quality optimization

File format optimization

Together, the powerful Flow Transcoder and Image Converter generate different resolution codecs, file sizes, resolution qualities and compression levels specifically targeted and adjusted for publishing and distribution purposes. This process is automated and takes place without user interaction.

Archive inactive content

Optimize use of storage space

Optimizing storage space reaches new levels with Flow on QNAP. With Flow you can automate the archiving and deletion of media assets based on predefined rules and criteria. Content that no longer is actively used or that has reached the end of its lifecycle can automatically be moved to long-term archival storage or deleted alltogether.

Manage Production Projects

Smooth collaboration

Create Project folders and add content to the folders without creating any duplicates or copies. Flow Projects is optimal when working with others on shared documents or projects with a need for version control. A screening & approval feature is included as well as a commenting function. Share content externally by exporting to a Flow Room.

Share & Distribute to external channels

Share & Distribute

With Flow, sharing or distributing content to external channels, VOD or OTT platforms becomes quick and smooth. The powerful Flow Transcoder automatically transcodes content to optimal file sizes and formats, without compromising on quality. Easily share content by drag-and-drop:ing content to sharing folders.

A hub for each media asset

The Media Container

Each media asset has its own Media Container in which all information related to it can be found in one clear view. This includes: descriptive, technical, rights, usage, status and version information (language, brandings, subtitles), versions, related content, contracts, etc. All this information is searchable.